Scheduled Services

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  • Whether you are a regular commuter, local transit passenger, airport bus traveler, or occasional long distance rider, there are plenty of general reasons for using a bus in favor of other modes of transportation.
  • Cost. Buses are less expensive than many other modes of transportation. 
  • Sanity. Once onboard, our professional driver takes over. You are free to read, listen to music, think, or sleep.
  • Comfort. If you are traveling longer distances, buses provide more legroom, bigger seats, and more space than most airplanes.
  • Variety. Taking a bus can break up the monotony of always driving places.
  • Convenience. The most popular routes offer frequent service to many locations.
  • Scenery. You can look out the window and take in your surrounding; something you can't do while driving or flying.
  • Environment. Choosing to take the bus instead of driving or using taxis reduces pollution. These benefits are even greater as we work to increase the fuel efficiency of our fleet